Terms of Service



NEW BREAKERS - We have a MENTOR program, with a select few folks who are available to guide you through the process and help you get started breaking. At this time they are:

1.Multi-relics or multi-auto cards will be randomized to the teams involved, unless both (or all) players are on the same team. For redemptions or cards with no team indicated (LEAF), the card will go to the players team according to the manufacturers list on GroupBreakChecklists.com. Any all-star, collegiate, or international team card will go to the team that player is currently on. If we get a card that has a player on it and their team is no longer in existence, it will go to the current MLB team (i.e. Milwaukee Braves becomes Atlanta Braves). Any other card with a player/umpire not associated with an MLB/NFL/NBA team will be randomized to all participants in the break. Panini Points will be randomized.

NEW ADDENDUM – Majority Owner rules applies. If no majority owner then everyone involved will be in a random. If there are 2 Yankees on a card and 1 Cardinal player it would be majority owner to the Yankees. Likewise if one person owns 2 of three teams on a card (or any majority of teams), it will go to the owner with the majority of the card. If there are three teams represented on a card Yankees Marilns and Cardinals and one person owns Yankees and Marlins, that person wins the card.

CLARIFICATION OF MAJORITY OWNER RULE - From now forward, majority owner means 51% or more of a multi player card.

1. DO NOT PROMOTE OTHER PAGES. If anyone tries to recruit you to another page for breaks, staxx or buy/sell please let me know. I don't poach other pages and I don't allow it here.

2. All breaks will be streamed live on "Icon Breaks“ group page, unless otherwise specified. After everything is done, the break video will be posted to my YouTube channel IF REQUESTED PRIOR TO BREAK. A link will be provided in the main feed of the original break posting to YouTube.

3. Break time will be posted on this main thread when possible, and I will message each participant with the time and date as well.

4. Trades/sale of teams in random team breaks are allowed. Please notify me of any trades or sales via private message within 15 minutes before break time begins so I can finalize the team list.

5. Please allow 4-5 business days for shipping, especially with base heavy product. Cards will ship USPS First Class with tracking. If you want additional insurance for your cards, please let me know. If you would like me to hold on to your cards and ship later after multiple breaks, I can do that. Please notify me if that is the case. Add $5 for shipping to Canada. All shipping outside the US will be an additional cost for the participant and must be paid prior to shipping.

6. Any/all randoms will be completed by using random.org. In a team random, both the name and team list will be randomized.

7. NEW ADDENDUM: All team claims must be an original comment, not a reply to a comment. Claims made in reply to a comment will not be valid. This is true for PYT - Randoms and fillers you may choose multiple spots on a single new comment

8, NEW ADDENDUM: Only claim 1 team per comment. To avoid conflict, please claim one team at a time, always on a new comment. Comments with more than one team will be voided completely - Claims posted as a REPLY to a comment will not count.

9. DO NOT EDIT YOUR CLAIM - editing a claim will void your claims for that break.DO NOT DELETE YOUR CLAIM - just make a new comment (not a reply cancelling your claim if you need to.

10. We will no longer be accepting eChecks. ALL payments must be received before break will commence. If your payment isnt received you will get a courtesy tag, a PM, or both. You will have 30 minutes from the time you are tagged/PMed to get payment in. If your payment still is not received your spot will be posted again for sale or claimed by the house. Be courteous to all and pay promptly. REFUNDS - If you require a refund for ANY REASON all fees charged by Paypal will be deducted from the refund. Your can take a credit instead and no fees will be deducted.

11. Donations for Breaks - Accepting Paypal (please use link provided in break post - Texas residents please use Paypal Link only - it will collect sales tax.) Messenger pay or Venmo. Venmo ID is a business account, please search under business to find it. If your break spot is unpaid at the time the break fills you will be tagged or receive a message. Once the tag/message is sent you will have 30 minutes to pay. If still unpaid your spot/team will be back on the market. This is so that we can break in a timely manner and as a courtesy to other breakers.

12. If you block an admin or a mod you will be removed from the group - no questions no discussion.